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Real estate advisory

  • Logistics Analysis
  • Labor Studies
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Taking the wrong decision will cost you more than money

The level of responsibility involved in a Site Selection process requires a holistic strategy.

You deserve to see everything.

Logistics Analysis

Labor Studies

Incentives Negotiation

Transaction Management

International trade

In the new global context, supplying North America must be done locally. Choosing the wrong location puts your Company at risk. With smart Site Selection, we help you analyze all the variables and drivers, so you can smartly pick the right location.

You don´t have to walk blind

Don´t jeopardize your career, we will walk with you along the process

You can excel on your Site Selection Process



Let us know your needs and we will  set a customized plan for you.



Our expertise and technology will identify the sites meeting your criteria.



Once we know which one is your best option, we will assist you during all the implementation stage.



Enjoy the advantages of operating in your ideal location.

What can we do for you?

During our +150 years of accumulated experience, we have identified that, when our clients set up a new facility, they always want this new operation to be the most efficient plant in the company`s footprint. In order to obtain that, companies look for labor, logistic, incentives, real estate and trade conditions that will create a winning case for the project. The big problem comes when you are comparing different locations with no correlation or similar metrics or, even worse, different countries where the information needs to be normalized, is scarce or non-existent. The odds of having serious setbacks given those conditions are pretty high.

GCS has successfully advised more than 100 site selection projects in the Americas, learning and applying said knowledge on every new project we assist. We have defined a clear and straightforward process to guarantee that all the potential risks are consider and faced on time and in a proper way. 

We start with a full understanding of our client’s needs, drivers and timing. Then, we define together the right approach, plan and time frame for the execution of the site selection process. Then we deploy a team of experts on each location where the project may go in order to implement the planned strategy. Finally, we advise on and conduct all the necessary steps to have a successful landing of the project. We always stay with you until your project is up and running.

Don’t jeopardize one of the most important milestones of your company and career! Give us a call or contact us, so we can talk about your project, needs, drivers, fears, and expectations. We can define, together, the best approach to a successful project. Imagine, how good your life and career will look like by putting in place a project that boosts your Company´s efficiency and profits!

This is how we help you find the right place

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